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Tony Stopperan Anticipates Homecoming For ‘Paradise’

Few productions have generated as much enthusiasm among Sarasota’s filmmaking community as Paradise, FL, a movie shot largely in Cortez with a team consisting primarily of locals.  A buzzworthy operation that showcases both the location and the professional assets has many hoping the film will be the project that raises Sarasota’s cinema profile on a national scale, and now the film has a spot in the Sarasota Film Festival.

At a press unveiling of the festival program for 2015, the announcement of Paradise as an official selection, while surprising no one, drew applause from gathered sponsors and filmmakers. “That makes you feel good,” says writer-producer Tony Stopperan, with a wry grin across his face.
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Joy Kevin to host world premiere in Sarasota today

The life of comedian is often not as laugh-out-loud funny as his set. “You find material from your life, of course,” explains Jordan Clifford, “but everything else is sad.” And strangely, as Clifford explains this paradox, you can’t help but laugh.

The struggle of the hapless funnyman is at the core of the new movie Joy Kevin, an independent film helmed by first-time feature director Caleb Johnson and starring Clifford as Kevin and Tallie Medel as his wife Joy. The movie screens today, April 10, at a Sarasota Film Festival premiere. Continue reading Joy Kevin to host world premiere in Sarasota today

Terra Firma Directors Talk About Importance of Giving Voice to Women Veterans

The husband-and-wife team of Christine Anthony and Owen Masterson attended the world premiere of their documentary film Terra Firma on Saturday afternoon and were available for a Q&A session following the screening. Continue reading Terra Firma Directors Talk About Importance of Giving Voice to Women Veterans

BFE director Shawn Telford escaped from a small town, then returned to make a movie

Urban legend and rural myth alike send the message that the world of drugs and sex and violence and pain was developed within the dark alleys of the big city. Whether the message is reinforced with the moral derision of suspicious schoolmarms or lionized by club kids who view celebrate the great urban underbelly, most anyone who grew up in a small town knows this message is crap. Teenagers in the sticks do drugs, sleep with one another and engage in the same vices as city kids, and sometimes do so with greater regularity simply for lack of better ways to spend their time.

Shawn Telford in Post Falls, Idaho.
Shawn Telford in Post Falls, Idaho.

Filmmaker Shawn Telford knows this. He spend his teen years in Post Falls, Idaho and knows plenty about the lack of options there for teens on a Friday night. He also knows how hard it can be to escape, to get away from a place that, for all its dangers, shortcomings and lack of opportunities, remains your home. So why did he go back to make a movie in his hometown? And can Post Falls ironically provide him with his big break? After BFE premieres at this year’s Sarasota Film Festival, he may learn the answer to the second question. As for his answers to the first, check out what he told SRQ Backlot by heading below the fold. Continue reading BFE director Shawn Telford escaped from a small town, then returned to make a movie

Hines, Bognanovich Discuss Pasadena


When audiences today watch the world premiere of Pasadena, they can expect a large serving of awkward and angry family stress. “There is just a lot of tension between the characters,” said actor Peter Bogdanovich, “which is true of dysfunctional families that don’t deal with anything. It just simmers underneath the surface.”

During an exclusive interview with SRQ, actors Peter Bogdanovich and Cheryl Hines, along with director and screenwriter Will Slocombe, discussed the film, which makes it debut today at the Sarasota Film Festival. Continue reading Hines, Bognanovich Discuss Pasadena