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Rebbie Ratner Studies Familiar Mental Health Topic in ‘Borderline’

Borderline personality disorder isn’t just topic fodder for documentarian Rebbie Ratner. The filmmaker has been diagnosed with the condition herself. When she wanted to make her first feature, started while she was in film school, it seemed a natural move to explore an issue that impacted her whole life. “I had been immersed in mental health for years,” she recalls.

Ratner (pictured above with producer Suzanne Mitchell) now comes to town with Borderline, a film following Regina, a woman living with the disease, mixed with interviews with mental health professionals about how the condition is treated and what impact it has on the lives of the diagnosed. The film screens at 1pm today, April 9, and 1:15pm Sunday, April 10, at the Regal Hollywood 20. Continue reading Rebbie Ratner Studies Familiar Mental Health Topic in ‘Borderline’