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A Word With Ethan Hawke at Ringling College

Oscar and Tony Award-nominated actor, screenwriter and director Ethan Hawke visited Ringling College of Art and Design this week, where he met with students, led a master class and discussed the possibility of future projects with the college. Hawke, known for his numerous collaborations with acclaimed director Richard Linklater (including Boyhood) and his Oscar-nominated turn in Training Day opposite Denzel Washington, recently worked with four Ringling College interns on his latest film Blaze, about cult musician Blaze Foley, which he wrote and directed and is set to release in 2018. Yesterday afternoon, Hawke took a moment with SRQ to talk about the joy of working with students, breaking into film and the future of production. Continue reading A Word With Ethan Hawke at Ringling College

Helen Hunt says filmmaking process in constant change

There was a time nearly every feature-length film in the country was shot in Los Angeles or New York. But when actor-director Helen Hunt wanted to shoot a movie about surfing in Venice, California, many were suggesting she could save money shooting elsewhere. In the end, she she went ahead and shot in California, but acknowledged most filmmakers these days will go to Louisiana or Canada ahead of shooting an independent film in Southern California. “This was very rare, to have a small movie [shot in L.A.],” Hunt said. Continue reading Helen Hunt says filmmaking process in constant change

Actors Christian and Justin Long Bring Web-Series to Ringling College, Talk Mentorship, Kevin Smith and The Freedom of the Web

Thanks to the partnership between Ringling College of Art and Design and Semkhor Productions, Hollywood actors and brothers Christian and Justin Long are bringing their latest project to Ringling’s campus, where they will work in tandem with a team of select students to bring the show from page to screen. A now-untitled web-series that Justin describes as either “a comedy masquerading as a travel show, or a travel show masquerading as a comedy,” the initial goal is eight episodes, with a tentative goal of a summer release. David Shapiro, co-founder of Semkhor, will also be joining the endeavor in an executive producing role, as will iconic writer/director Kevin Smith, though in an unspecified capacity. Continue reading Actors Christian and Justin Long Bring Web-Series to Ringling College, Talk Mentorship, Kevin Smith and The Freedom of the Web

Writer/Director Angelo Pizzo on His Latest Film, “My All American,” and Why Sports and Story Go Hand-In-Hand.

Continuing the tradition of bringing top-notch talent and guests to its students, the Ringling College of Art and Design Studio Lab, a collaboration between the college and Semkhor’s David Shapiro, welcomed Hollywood screenwriter Angelo Pizzo, author of seminal sports films Rudy and Hoosiers, to campus to teach a masterclass with producer Paul Schiff and talk and screen their latest film, My All American. Based on the inspiring true story of 1960s University of Texas football player Freddie Steinmark, who rose from gridiron underdog to school icon, and starring Finn Wittrock as Steinmark and Aaron Eckhart as the coach who gave him a chance, the film marks Pizzo’s first as director and the starting point for two Ringling alums, Harrison Stagner and Nick Lennon, who served as interns on the film.

“It’s not the sport itself that you’re watching – it’s the canvas,” said Pizzo, asked about his apparent affinity for the sports film genre. “It’s about the characters, their struggles, their journeys and their success or failure.” Sports provide the backdrop, with definite winners and losers and set rules. “That’s not always true in life,” Pizzo continued. “It provides you a great canvas to use sports as metaphor.” In addition, there’s a special place that sports hold in American society, said Pizzo, that allows these stories to resonate. “There’s a familiarity and a connection with sport and American culture,” he said. Everyone has a connection to some sport, whether it be real or imagined, that transcends the scoreboard. “It’s a form of community and how people come together,” Pizzo said. “And all of us have a need for community.”

As for Steinmark’s story in particular, Pizzo said there were two things that immediately struck him upon reading the source material, Jim Dent’s Courage Beyond the Game, that convinced him it was a story worth telling. First off, Pizzo says he choked up while reading the story, (“And I never choke up reading books.”) and he saw in there, instantly, perhaps the greatest final ten minutes he’d ever written for film, a climax he calls “phenomenal.”

“There was an opportunity to do something special,” Pizzo said. “This has the most emotionality of any movie I’ve ever done.”

Though many have tried, Pizzo was the first to get permission from the family to tell Steinmark’s story on film, a responsibility he took seriously. “You’re lucky to get 50%,” he said of the amount of truth typically found in a Hollywood ‘true’ story, admitting that his own Rudy probably clocked in around 70%, having excised the title character’s brief stint in the Navy and created the groundskeeper character as a composite. “With this film, I’d say 90% is true,” Pizzo said. “All the important aspects are true.”

As for Ringling’s Stagner and Lennon, producer Schiff had only glowing reviews, though he admits there was initial reticence from the department heads who would be taking on the unproven young creatives in a high-pressure environment. “A couple weeks into the show, both department heads came to me individually and said, ‘Thank you so much for these guys. They’re fantastic,’” said Schiff, who described a mature approach from the pair, willing to demonstrate the knowledge they gained at Ringling while knowing when to step back and learn from others. “They struck that balance beautifully.”

Though screened yesterday for Ringling students and the curious community, My All American doesn’t hit theaters officially till November.

“It’s a story that has always inspired the University of Texas football team,” said Pizzo, “and you’ll see why when you see this movie.”

Students Films Screening at Manatee Film Rush

On the same night that filmmakers from around the country flood to Sarasota for that certain other festival, students of Manatee County will take over the Manatee Performing Arts Center for Film Rush, an annual exhibition of short films produced by grade school students. The event, coordinated by the Manatee Association for Media in Education, will premier the works in one of the Bradenton community’s biggest venues.

Continue reading Students Films Screening at Manatee Film Rush