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ChatGPT down for many users, OpenAI says it’s working to resolve the issue

ChatGPT, the free AI chatbot that has taken the world by storm since its launch in 2022, is reportedly broken or not working for many people. Some say the website is not accessible, while others say they are unable to generate responses.

When we tried to access the service on desktop, the AI ​​chatbot wouldn’t let us enter any prompts and displayed a red text message saying “Internal Server Error.” We also tried using the chatbot on the iPhone. However, the results were the same as on the desktop.

According to Downdetector, the website that tracks the online status of various services, the outage started around 1 p.m. IST. Even OpenAI’s status page suggests that ChatGPT is unavailable to some users and that they are currently investigating the issue.

It turns out that OpenAI’s support page now states that the company has identified the root cause of the issue and is “continuing to work on resolving this issue.”

However, the support page states that the API is currently operational, meaning that all third-party services that rely on OpenAI’s technology can operate normally.

On the other hand, several users took to their X profile (formerly Twitter) to share their thoughts on the outage. While some resorted to memes, others simply expressed their discontent.

However, the company did not indicate when service would be restored. For the uninitiated, ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot that takes texts and images as input and lets you ask anything you want to know. Shortly after its launch in late 2022, the chatbot skyrocketed in popularity and had over 100 million users in just two months.

This is the second time ChatGPT has faced downtime this year. On February 14, the chatbot suffered a massive outage worldwide. The outage started at 8:00 p.m. IST and lasted until around 10:30 p.m.