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this crazy project developed in the United Kingdom

In collaboration with the Ministry of Defense, the British police are developing a device capable of emitting electromagnetic waves. By targeting an electric bike, the motor could then overheat and deactivate. A way, according to law enforcement, to better fight crime.

dall-E electric bikeSource: Dall-E

This project still in development relayed by The Guardian should bring back memories for fans of Ghostbusters (Ghostbusters, film released in 1984). The British police are in fact developing a truly unusual device, which is capable of generating electromagnetic waves… intended for electric bicycles and electric scooters.

Engine overheating

The device in question would be worn on the back, hence the parallel made by the national media with Ghostbusters. The idea here is to make it available to law enforcement to better fight crime, since said waves would be capable of generating overheating of the engine.

Basically this interferes with the electric motor, to make the electric motor think it’s overheating», Specifies Gavin Stephens, president of the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC). In this case, the engine would stop suddenly. Visual contact with the vehicle would also be necessary.

Useful for hit and runs

In what type of situation could this be used? For hit-and-runs, for example, but also bike or scooter thefts caught in the act. Without the assistance of the motor, many urban e-bikes and trekking bikes are much more difficult to move forward given their weight. This can provide a huge advantage to the police in catching up with them.

Developed alongside the Defense Science and Technology Lab, an institution of the British Ministry of Defense, this “weapon” is still under development. It would not be ready for months, according to Gavin Stephens.