Gleb Osatinski explores data as religion in ‘Quantified Self’

When it comes to exploring the human condition within science fiction settings, short form director Gleb Osatinski has become a bit of a favorite at the Sarasota Film Festival. Back in town this year with The Quantified Self, Osatinski says he has no plans on leaving the realm of the surreal. “I can’t live without crazy ideas,” he says. “It’s the meaning of life.”

In his new film, Osatinski tells the story of a family in a world where data-tracking systems have become a religion. He hopes viewers consider how we let numbers lead our lives today. “We track our lives with extrenal developments that tell us what measurements are, and we trust our measurements more than ourselves.”

The film screened on Thursday, April 7, as part of the Shorts 4: Narrative 1 program, and plays again Saturday at 3:30pm at the Regal Hollywood 20.

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