Adinah Dancyger Makes ‘Chopping Onions’ a Family Affair

When Adinah Dancyger decided to direct her first short film, she decided to write what she knew. Chopping Onions tells the story of Soli, a Korean-American girl growing up in New York, and her relationship with her Korean grandmother. “It’s about how I felt growing up in New York, and how I felt this weird conflict being somewhere where everyone was different but there is still a homogenous community I didn’t feel I fit into,” Dancyger says.

The story follows Soli as she goes to her grandmother for the summer. The grandmother, played by Dancyger’s real grandmother, has ups and downs in terms of her relationship with the little girl. The film, playing at the Sarasota Film Festival before The Fits, screened Thursday, April 7, and will play again on Sunday, April 10 at 5:30pm.

From here, Dancyger aspires to explore the same themes in a feature film, though she doesn’t just want to make an extended cut of Onions. “I wouldn’t do something in the same world or with the same characters, but would like to explore the same cultural themes,” she says.

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