Emotional Architecture: Silvia Cremaschi Builds “The Room”

All the way from Italy, Silvia Cremaschi makes her directorial debut with The Room, a short film examining the inner world of emotion and fear of change through the surreal “dreamlike” story of a young woman in a mysterious shape-shifting room. “She’s a very creative person,” says Cremaschi of the character Anna, played by Sara Drago, “but little by little you discover that creativity was a way to escape and not a way to construct or change.”

A professional set designer by trade, for her first film as a director, Cremaschi sought a challenge that would play to her strengths, and an ever-changing room provided just that. “I was looking for the opportunity to have a set design that could be an actor in itself,” she says. “This is the first step.” Originally written for the stage, Cremaschi worked to maintain what she calls “a very theatrical atmosphere” in the film. Shooting took only five days, but post-production took more than a year.

“It’s a great experience and Through Women’s Eyes was very inspiring,” says Cremaschi of her first Sarasota Film Festival. “I met a lot of impressive women.”

Pictured: Silvia Cremaschi. Photo by Wyatt Kostygan.

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