Ringling Grads Feel Joy of Oscar win for ‘Inside Out’

Thirteen Ringling College graduates and five personified emotions all can lay some claim to this year’s Academy Award winner for Best Animated Feature. Inside Out, Pixar Studios’ most recent feature film, won the Oscar Sunday night and officials at the Sarasota College have basked in joy ever since.

“We are proud and impressed with the continual achievements of our graduates,” said Jim McCampbell, Ringling College Computer Animation department head. “We applaud their recognition by the Academy and congratulate them and Pixar on the worldwide acknowledgement Inside Out has received.”

Ringing graduates working on the film included: Katherine C. Bickley, Justin M. Farris, Robert S. Gibbs, Catherine B. Hicks, Alexander J. Marino, Alonso Martinez, Lucas Martorelli, Amber L. Martorelli, Andreas Procopiou, Gwendelyn C. Enderoglu, Jaime R. Landes Roe, Michael W. Sauls and Jessica R. Torres.

“It’s been such a thrill watching Inside Out be so successful, especially when it carries such a wonderful message,” said Roe, directing animator on the film. “I feel very lucky to have been a part of it, and it was so great to have worked alongside so many of my talented peers from Ringling College of Art and Design on such a special film.”

Many credited the schooling in Sarasota with providing the skills to be hired at Pixar and assigned to the film. “I owe my career to your patience and encouragement and for that I am forever thankful,” said Hicks, an animator. “Each of you are in every shot I animate.”

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