ManaSota Films: Mark Troy Handing Off The Mic

Tonight’s monthly ManaSota Films monthly meet-up at Parkway 8 Cinemas will be the last with founder Mark Troy playing the role of emcee, at least for the foreseeable future. According to Troy, veteran local filmmaker and active community member John Lagerholm will take over hosting duties for future gatherings.

“It was time to get some new energy into the monthly meetings,” says Troy, who has served as host for the last three years, since creating the group. “I’m still very involved with the community and it’s healthy, strong and growing as much as it ever has.”

“John Lagerholm is the single person who has the most passion for the community,” Troy continued, “so it’s easy for me to do this.”

Troy assures that he will remain an active presence in the group and will still be found at the monthly events. In short, he says, “It’s just Mark taking a break.”

Tonight’s ManaSota Films meet-up begins at 7pm at Parkway 8 Cinemas on Lockwood Ridge Rd.

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