ManaSota Films Brings San Diego to Lakewood Ranch

A series of short films showcasing some of SoCal’s up-and-coming talents will soon be screened for cinephiles in Southwest Florida. ManaSota Films on Wednesday, June 17, will host its San Diego Special at Lakewood Ranch Cinemas.

While ManaSota get-togethers most often offer the chance to see locally-produced films, organizers say there is value to seeing how other filmmaking communities come together to execute the movie-making process. “Besides the entertainment, it’s beneficial for our film community to be exposed to their peers’ work from other parts of the country,” said Mark Troy, ManaSota Films founder.

Troy last year contacted leaders is other filmmaking communities of note in hopes of striking a strong relationship with ManaSota Films. “San Diego eagerly accepted the opportunity to be seen in Sarasota,” he said. That resulted in a chance to screen films that won trophies at the San Diego Film Awards. And every film on the program tonight won something at the 2015 awards ceremony held in San Diego in April. In total, around 90 minutes worth of short documentaries, narrative films and music videos will project on the silver screen.

The event at Lakewood Ranch Cinemas opens doors at 8:15pm and starts screening films at 9pm. The event is free to the public.

ManaSota Films was founded in November 2012 and now boasts around 1,000 members.

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