CALL TO ACTION: Care about Film in Florida?

Then you should have already signed this petition:

The petition, started by Film Florida, a not-for-profit entertainment production association and a leader in Florida’s film, TV and digital media industry, urges state legislators to consider discussing Florida’s media tax credit program during the special session that begins June 1. Addressed to Governor Rick Scott, Senate President Andy Gardiner and Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives Steve Crisafulli, the petition reminds them of the “more than 16,000 film and digital media production related companies, more than 100,000 Floridians working in the industry and thousands of new graduates trying to secure their first job here in this great state.” Since May 7, the petition has reached 3,230 signatures (as of Monday). “As a fledgling video start up corporation, I urge you to do what ever it takes to allow us to grow and add to our vibrant creative industry,” commented Dona Lee Gould, from Bradenton. “My daughters dream is to be an actress,” commented Darlene Wilson in Sarasota. “She has been acting for about three or four years now and she loves it. We need more movies to be made here in order to keep jobs here in Florida instead of having to travel for jobs elsewhere.”