Jane Seymour Believes ‘Bereave’ Work Among Her Best

From the world of James Bond the wild west around Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Jane Seymour has stayed active on screen bringing characters to life. In Bereave, a Spotlight film at this year’s Sarasota Film Festival, she played opposite Malcolm McDowell in a film that explores a couple facing the prospect of death. Seymour spoke with SRQ about bringing this picture to Sarasota.

How does this movie fit in your catalog of films? Everybody I know who has seen it has told me it’s probably the best performance I have ever given, so as far as I am concerned it was a great role, in a very unusual love story. It very much affirms relationships and life, and it’s a very different take on it. This is not a film I’ve ever seen before. It was a wonderful role and it’s just amazing to play.

A lot of people in sarasota have retired here and may face similar situations in their own lives. Do you think it will mean something special for this audience to watch this story? Ive seen people in that age group really love the movie. It affirms life and love and family and marriage. It makes you laugh and cry. It’s a different kind of film, but I think the audience here will really love it.

Your career has spanned from being a Bond girl—a young bombshell—but also roles like this about older characters, and you have stayed active over course of your entire career. How have you managed to always stay engaged in work in that period?  At the same time as I have the opportunity to play my own age in Bereave and do something serious like this that has all the ups and downs, I also am doing Jane the Virgin, where I am playing quite a different kind of character. Another movie I have done that will coming out soon is called High Strung, in which I play a dance teacher. So I get to play a lot of different things. I have done an enormous amount of comedy recently, and a lot of sort of seductive older ladies. It’s a nice change to do something a bit more meaningful.

Which is the real Jane Seymour?  I would say there’s elements of Jane Seymour in Bereave. If I was in the circumstance… I mean I am not that woman, but I think I could be driven to the emotional kind of responses she has. So I would say that it’s a different Jane Seymour but it all comes from the same well.

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