Festival Guide: Day 8

Closing weekend is upon us, and from our experience, we expect the SFF team to abruptly turn the focus from film to festivities. We’ve list of A-listers coming to town, and today welcome Jane Seymour, but we also see some interesting panels. Today is actually a day you could enjoy much of the festival’s best offerings without ever having the lights dim.

11:00 — Tribute Luncheon  Want to say you lunched with Dr. Quinn? The Tribute Lucheon will be held today at the Sarasota Yacht Club, a fantastic venue, and Jane Seymour will be the most high-profile attendee. If you got the money, this one is a good time.

12:00 — Making Movies in Sarasota  Maybe you agree with our review that Paradise, FL lived up to local film world expectations. Maybe you wanted more. If so, you ought to swing by Florida Studio Theatre to hear filmmakers Tony Stopperan and Nick Morgulis explain how they pulled this movie off in Southwest Florida on a shoestring budget. And if you think you can do a better job than the Paradise team, swing by and figure out what they did first before showing the rest of us how to do it better.

2:15 — Beneath The Olive Tree Part of this year’s documentary competition, this film narrated by Olympia Dukakis explores the intentionally forgotten Greek civil wars following World War II. Director Stavroula Toska was an adult before she realized the wars had even happened; it’s less prominent in Green textbooks than isolation camps in American ones. Check out this world premiere

3:00 — Writing for Television  This panel will include writers from such successful television endeavors as House of Cards, and is an offshoot of one of the more interesting new projects at this year’s festival, The Screenwriters Colony. Honestly, the long-term significance of this event could transform this festival’s national reputation, and the panel at FST will be our first big chance to really learn how. And if you want to be a TV writer, then you should know this event is free and sure to teach you something you didn’t already know.

3:30 — Bereave Don’t avoid film altogether today. You will miss this drama starring Seymour and Malcolm McDowell, an Evangelos Giovanis film about an aging couple in which the husband tries to find a way to go die alone, only to be woken back to the importance of living when his wife goes missing. The film will play at the Opera House today.

7:00 — In Conversation With Jane Seymour  If you want to hear this legendary actress discuss her career from being a Bond girl in Live And Let Die to her current performance in the SFF Spotlight Film Bereave.

8:00 — Cinema Tropicale  Don’t forget to get your party on at Michael’s On East. It’s been a few years since an SFF party was held at this storied Sarasota venue, and long-time festival-goers recall such amazing events at Avenue of the Stars here. It’s going to be a great night to revel with filmmakers, on-screen stars and the coolest people in Sarasota.

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