Branciforte To Debut Paternity Dramedy ‘Don’t Worry Baby’

Julian Branciforte has attended film festivals for years with colleagues in the indy world, but today marks an important first. The New York director is at the Sarasota Film Festival for the world premiere of Don’t Worry Baby, his feature writing and directorial debut. The movie, a dark comedy about fatherhood and matters of confused paternity, will offer the entire film-going world a first glance at his vision.

“I felt like this was the right way to introduce people who hopefully would like to see my films,” he tells SRQ. “I’ve got a lot of time to be sad. I don’t want to get there right away.”

Don’t Worry Baby follows the story of a father and son who both sleep with the same woman, who ends up having a child. The two end up in a sort of fatherhood competition.

Branciforte says the idea isn’t based on any real life event. “It was something I made up, but it seemed truthful,” he says. And while the festival marks the film as an “indie comedy,” the director shies away from any label. The tale is humorous, for sure, but also emotionally complex and frequently dark. “I always thought it was funny,” Branciforte explains, “but I never wanted to make a comedy or drama or put it in one of those categories.”

The film boasts an incredible cast with John Magaro (Don’t Fade Away), Christopher McDonald (Requiem For A Dream) and Tampa native Dreama Walker (Don’t Trust The B—- in Apartment 23, Compliance) playing the film’s principle roles.

Don’t Worry Baby premieres today, April 16, at 6:45pm, then screens a second time at the festival on Saturday, April 18, at 6:45pm.

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