Sumner: ‘Sarasota Just Feels Like Home At This Point’

The Sarasota Film Festival has been good for Mickey Sumner. Missed Connections, her first feature starring role, won the Audience Award here in 2012, and the next year she won the Breakthrough Award the following year for her role in the hit Frances Ha. This year she walks two red carpets, the first Wednesday evening for the new James Ponsoldt film The End of the Tour and another for This is Happening on Friday.

“Sarasota just feels like home at this point,” Sumner told SRQ. “Everything here just makes me feel proud and lovely.”Sumner’s lanky silhouette and charming British accent in recent years have become as much an attribute of the festival as red carpets in the Regal Hollywood 20. Last year, her film The Mend was in the festival even though she did not attend.

The return visits here, she said, help remind her how far she has come in just a few years, from a time when no flash bulbs followed her around until Missed Connections actually picked up some hardware. “When you are in it, it does;t feel like it’s going fast. You think nothing is happening,” she said. “But when you break it down, you are so grateful for the opportunity to work with such amazing directors and projects.”

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