Festival Guide: Day 6

The festival is halfway over, and the big new today is the start of Centerpiece screenings. Enjoy another day the movies, including a chance to see films already generating Oscar buzz.

2:15 — Phantom Halo  Programmers for the festival tipped us off to this as an in-house favorite at the Sarasota Film Festival office. It’s basically a family drama where people try to solve their troubles by escaping into comic books, outside affairs, Shakespeare and a counterfeiting ring. Bonus: Rebecca Romijn is in it.

6:30 — Best Of The Web  One of the most interesting decisions in the film festival this year was the embracing of film that originated in the internet world. Leave the YouTube window behind for a moment and see how these webisodes transfer to the diver screen. Then ponder the future of film distribution until the uncertainty makes your head explode.

7:00 — End Of The Tour  Director James Ponsoldt, who a couple years ago offered Sarasota viewers an early peek at the hit The Spectacular Now, returns to Sarasota with this biopic on David Foster Wallace. After Sundance, SFF Artistic Director Michael Dunaway announced via tweet that Jason Siegel’s portrayal of the tragic author should make the usually funny star an early Oscar contender. Jesse Eisenberg plays a Rolling Stone reporter following Wallace in a film that looks like an Almost Famous for the literary world.

9:30 — Sunshine Superman  This documentary on BASE jumping (Google it, these people are crazy) is the latest Sarasota Film Festival selection from Submarine Entertainment, the company that brought festival-goers their first look at Blackfish, Page One: A Year Inside The New York Times, Ivory Tower and countless other nonfiction screen works. We’ve come to expect greatness when the Braun brothers are involved.

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