Festival Guide: Day 5

Today’s a great day to stay at the Regal Hollywood 20, with a solid line-up of films dominating the schedule. Here’s a few that we think will be worth your while.

3:30 — Love and Mercy  If you enjoyed the directing of Oren Moverman in Opening Night Film Time Out of Mind, come get a taste of his writing in this biopic of Beach Boys genius Brian Wilson. This is one of the festival’s spotlight films, and has a cast led by John Cusack in the main role.

6:15 — Finders Keepers  There are creepy documentary topics, and then there is Finders Keepers. Michael Dunaway such an enthusiastic sell on this movie when the programming was unveiled we started to worry about his sanity. Then we learned the topic, the true story of a man who loses a leg and has to sue the man who found it packed with his new grill and now wants to keep it, and it sounded so cool we worried about our own state of mind.

8:15 — Homeless  This story, shot in a real North Carolina homeless shelter and cast largely with real transients and social workers, follows a similar story to Time Out of Mind with a protagonist stuck in a cycle of poverty and insecurity. But it may actually feel more believable if only for the fact its cast with a convincing first-time actor in Michael McDowell.

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