Festival Guide: Day 4

The weekend’s over, but that means festival goers need not wake up before noon for a few days. Of course, the afternoon and evening is still packed with exciting films and events to attend.

12:30pm — Shorts 10: Florida Showcase   This isn’t a mere gathering of films that happen to have ties to the Sunshine State. Films like Apalachicola and Moods of Miakka offer a glimpse into true Florida life behind the coastal resorts.

3:15pm — Look At Us Now, Mother   A fascinating documentary about the filmmaker’s own tortured past with an abusive family brings an incredible entry into the Through Women’s Eyes program at this year’s SFF.

5:30pm — Capturing Grace  The absolute event of the day, a screening of this documentary will be held at the Florida Studio Theater. A high-priced-but-totally-worth-it reception kicks off at 5:30pm, with the movie actually screening at 7pm. But stay put for a panel with director David Iversoni, Neuro Challeng Foundation medical director Dr. Dean Sutherland and SFF’s Michael Dunaway to discuss the healing power of dance for those with debilitating diseases like Parkinson’s. You’ll get other chances this week to see the film, but this event in one night only.

8:45pm — Anxietyville  One of the best features we managed to get a sneak peek on before the festival began, this movie explores the mania of ‘freemium’ games like Farmville within a story that feels like a classic Holodeck-gone-wrong episode of Star Trek, lampooning modern marketing practices along the way.

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