On The Red Carpet: Editor Scott Lansing on Cinema Purgatorio

Art reflects life like a funhouse mirror in Cinema Purgatorio, the latest feature-length narrative from filmmaking pair Chris and Emily Reach White, which screens next weekend at the Sarasota Film Festival.

Shot in South Carolina over the course of two weeks and on a micro budget, Cinema Purgatorio follows the quirky and comedic travails of a middle-aged filmmaking couple facing down disillusionment with a last ditch effort to win acclaim by impressing Bill Murray at a local 48-Hour film festival. Chris, who co-wrote and directed the film, leads a cast of memorable oddballs as the increasingly desperate artist reluctantly at the head of it all in this film that won Best Comedy and Audience Choice at the 2015 Beaufort International Film Festival.

“Chris and Emily did such an amazing job and had a great script, so it was just getting the pacing right,” said editor Scott Lansing, who was brought in by White to “punch it up.” According to Lansing, it all came down to figuring out the timing. “I have a strong background in commercial and horror, so switching to comedy was fun.”

Cinema Purgatorio screens this week at the Sarasota Film Festival on Apr. 17 at 2:30pm and Apr. 18 at 3:30 pm. Both screenings are at Regal Hollywood 20.

Pictured: Scott Lansing. Photo By: Shane Donglasan.

One thought on “On The Red Carpet: Editor Scott Lansing on Cinema Purgatorio”

  1. Was able to see this film in Beaufort when it won. Such a great movie – I laughed so much that my face hurt afterward – but at the same time the movie has some very real moments that connect with you which is why I believe it won the Audience award there too. Make sure you check it out Sarasota!

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