‘Melvin’ Explores Milk Delivery and the Art of the Meticulous

Art is everywhere, even in your milk. At least that’s a question explored in the short Melvin, which premiered this weekend at the Sarasota Film Festival. Brothers Josh and Jason Sondock come together to tell the story of a milkman in modern times who seeks to be the master of his craft.

“He could be the the final milkman,” Jason explains, “and hopefully the greatest.”

The 8-minute short, which held its world premiere at the Sarasota Film Festival Saturday and holds a second screening Mondat, was informed in large part by Josh’s diagnoses obsessive compulsive disorder. The main character also has OCD, manifested in his focus on the dying profession of pasteurizing and delivering bottled milk.

Another think from the Sondock’s own life, the 20-something filmmakers had a mother who insisted on employing a milkman way after the craft was out of vogue. “So a van would drop the milk off at our house in wooden crates,” Josh says.

The real story happens before that delivery, though. Melvin considers milk preparation and delivery an art form, one he embarks upon day after day.

It’s not the first time either Sondock brother has turned the camera lens toward the meticulous work of the mundane. Josh made a film about the complicated cross-country transport of the world’s largest cornflake and Jason did a piece on a reformed ghost hunter.

“But everything is more complex that it seems when you first meet with an idea,” Jason says.

Melvin will screen with the Shorts 2: Narrative program on Monday, April 13, at 1pm at the Regal Hollywood 20.

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