Festival Guide: Day 3

Another day at the festival, another chance to mingle with filmmakers and catch some great films. There are offerings today for those who want to see a screening for an old favorite, such as Clueless or American Gigolo, but there are also a number of daring cinematic offerings, particularly from documentary filmmakers bringing their work to Sarasota audiences today.

10:30 — Florida Shorts  Many feature filmmakers of tomorrow get their start making shorts today, and checking out this offering of cinematic snippets from Florida filmmakers could offer some real insight into the work being produced in your backyard. This is where you can see a stunning portrayal of human and animal life on the Myakka River.

2:45 — Blood, Sweat, and Beer  The craft beer craze is changing the way we chug. Check out this buzzy film, which covers both the public policy debates and frothy allure surrounding this place-making beverage.

5:00 — Zemene   One of the real thrills of the festival is getting to watch a movie then speak with the filmmaker behind it after the fact. Th opportunity presents itself today following the documentary Zemene, in which filmmaker Melissa Donovan followed the life of an Ethiopian girl connected with American physicians for life-altering care. 

Sunset — Dolphin Tale  Ok, we know this isn’t so daring, but it is free. Part of the Moonlight Movies series of family-friendly programming, this hit film—shot in the Tampa Bay area and based on one of our real aquatic neighbors—gets you out of downtown for a moment to enjoy the world of cinema on the sandy shores of Lido Beach.

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