Dunedin Actor Showcases Real Florida, Explores Military Homecoming in ‘Apalachicola’

While glamorous locales like Miami and Sarasota frequently provide the setting for Florida films, the tiny oyster-fishing community of Apalachicola gets showcased a short film that world premiered at the Sarasota Film Festival on Sunday and screened again Monday. The movie, starring Ray Bouchard, tells the story of a woman who comes back from a tour in Afghanistan to see her father and rediscovers the life back home.

“It’s a sweet, heartfelt story about what is happening in Apalachicola,” said Bouchard, who plays the father. “It’s about a daughter leaving the armed forces who has a choice to make.” The 10-minute piece is part of a program of short films spotlighting elements of Real Florida.

It’s an exciting moment for Bouchard, who has attended the Sarasota Film Festival for years either in support of fellow filmmakers or just as a lover of cinema. He said it felt great to be included in the festival for the first time, and complimented the festival as one the best grounds for cinema around the state.

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