SRQ Festival Guide: Day 2

This is actually the first full day of programming for the Sarasota Film Festival, and that means there will have to be choices made. If you want to follow homelessness on screen, you could a whole day with the Sundance Institute Challenge at 10:30, followed by screenings of the deeply intriguing Homme Less at 5:30pm and Queen Mimi at 7:45.

But let’s presume for a minute that you want a break from that. Here is our guide for Day 2 of the Sarasota Film Festival from just about as early a screening as you can find.

10:00 — Yes, that’s in the morning. But as long as you can still walk after the Opening Party, you should see For The Record, an intriguing documentary that follows the lives of court reporters competing for a steno culture world record. Our interest? Sarasota Super Twins Richard and Michael Scire are among the featured professionals, and we know their enthusiasm for the film world will shine through.

11:45 — Almost by accident, the Sarasota Film Festival has developed a national reputation for celebrating female filmmakers, and a big part of that comes from the inclusion of the Through Women’s Eyes program.  Come see these shorts played in rapid fire and enjoy a viewpoint on the cinematic world free of gratuitous, y-chromosome-inspired sequences.

4:00 — It’s hard to think of a locally produced film that generated as much Suncoast buzz as Paradise, FLand festival-goers will see the premiere of this final cut. Head to the Sarasota Opera House for this celebrated work shot in Sarasota and Cortez.

7:15 — What do you get when the creepy prison guy on Orange is the New Black starts making a play inspired by or starring a couple of guys from The Sopranos? A delightfully different work of film making its world premiere in Sarasota. Directed and scored by filmmakers with Suncoast ties, the festival expects a crowd for Houses, starring Nick Sandow and shot in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

8:15 — Jet back to the Regal Hollywood 20 to catch Manglehorn (pictured), an Al Pacino vehicle about a Texas locksmith with a dark past. Biggest draw? Director David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, Your Highness) will be present for an extended Q&A afterward.

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