SRQ Backlot Helps Plan Your Festival

Do you ever start flipping through the Sarasota Film Festival Guide and feel a sudden planning paralysis? With hundreds of movies and competing events, it can be hard hard to decide what to do each day. That’s why this year, SRQ Backlot is scouring the guide and bringing some insider information to the table to tell you the activities that give you the most bang for your buck. Check each morning at at 9am if you want us to serve as your own private festival director, free of charge.

Today’s an easy one, of course. All Opening Night events will be at the Sarasota Opera House, so that’s the place to be.

5:30 — Red Carpet

Time Out of Mind director Oren Moverman will walk the red carpet, as will legendary actor and Sarasota County snowbird Ben Vereen. We’ve been teased that other names may show, but these are the only names the festival can confirm right now.

6:30 — Time Out Of Mind

This film follows Richard Gere in the part of a homeless man estranged from daughter Jena Malone, and boasts an outstanding supporting cast including Vereen. SFF Artistic Director Michael Dunaway says this role just might win Gere an Oscar, so check it out while its still on the festival circuit.

9:00 —Opening Night Party

We all love screenings, but one of the highlights of this festival is the roaring parties, and Opening Night is always one of the best. Schmooze with filmmakers and philanthropists at the House. From past years, we recommend formal dress at the Opening Night, the SFF event most suited for tails and evening gowns. Plus, SRQ will have a makeshift studio just across from the bar to take pictures of stars, and don’t you feel like a star tonight?

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