The Filmography of Oren Moverman

By Nina Edelsbacher

Oren Moverman, a former journalist based in New York City, a writer and film director, will be attending the screening of his own movie, Time Out Of Mind, on the opening night of The Sarasota Film Festival on Friday, April 10. He will also be given the Hearts and Minds of Independent Film Award. But what can audiences expect from the director?

Time Out Of Mind is a movie about a homeless man, George, fighting the low temperatures of New York after being kicked out of his apartment. He then searches for temporary homes and has many opportunities to reconnect with his daughter, Maggie. The film takes pain and sentiment to the next level with the story of how George builds his life back up.

Oren Moverman has been recognized as one of America’s foremost independent filmmakers. He creates films to move all kinds of people with the reality and the great truth that many of us avoid to prevent sorrow. He pays great attention to visual style and the way we live. His films are based on real life obstacles and show the unwanted parts of today’s society.

In 2009, Moverman created one of the most moving war films of all time, The Messenger. It is extremely surprising that The Messenger was actually his first film as a director. The Messenger tells a story about an injured soldier, Will, that returns home to finish the rest of his duty in the Army’s Casualty Notification service. He is teamed up with a veteran officer, Tony Stone, and as they both deal with great pain, they create a strong bond. Will then finds himself tangled in a problem when he falls in love with Olivia, a widow of a fallen soldier. The way the film is told makes people care for the characters and really feel the pain they felt. You instantly get sucked into the story because of how it was presented.

Moverman has now created many movies, including I’m Not There and Rampart. We are so very thrilled to have Oren Moverman attend the opening night to see the screening of Time Out Of Mind, and we are excited and interested about what he’s going to create next.

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