Skyway Film Festival Accepting Submissions

Organizers for the Skyway Film Festival, a new festival being launched in Manatee County with the support of the Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, is accepting submissions between now and May 1. The event is scheduled for June 12-14 and will screen roughly 50 films, including both features and shorts.The festival was first announced at an SRQ Media Group event at the Powel-Crosley Estate  in February,  and this week received the attention of national media. Organizers promise the event will focus on new artists and solid storytelling. Joe Restaino, film producer and experienced programmer, serves as the director of programming and believes the festival will boost Florida filmmaking.

He said the mindset about film in this area is more attractive in many ways than the environment in Los Angeles. It’s important for filmmakers, he said, to have a solid foundation and trustworthy partners who want to ensure a film gets completed. “If you say something is going to cost this much to film, it has to cost that or less because you have a budget,” he said. Film officials in this region provide a reliability that can prove important to major or minor film productions, Restaino said.

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