‘Error in the Menage’ Draws Gasparilla Curiosity

Jason Morillo

A dark comedy filmed entirely in Sarasota is set to lure Tampa audiences to the Gasparilla International Film Festival later this month. Director Jason Morillo promises a cinematic experience with Error in the Menage that will spark conversations among movie-going couples.

Menage tells the story of a threesome proposal gone wrong. Sarasota actor Jordan Cox plays Nick, a character who makes a suggestion to bring a female friend into the bedroom, only to inspire girlfriend Tiffany and her friend Angelica, played respectively by Orlando actresses Giana Alexis Cambria and Morgan Filteau, to take revenge online. A trailer for the film hints at even darker consequences than revenge posts, and insane twists turn the plot in unexpected directions right until the final frame. “You don’t know what to expect,” Morillo says, “and that was exactly my goal.”

Morillo, a graduate of Full Sail University, shot the entire film in Sarasota over a five-week period in Summer 2013. The film premiered in August at the Central Florida Film Festival, then got selected a few weeks ago for Gasparilla. The movie will screen on Saturday, March 28, at 11am at the Lieser Skaff Alexander Theater at Channelside Bay Plaza in Tampa.

Morillo chose to shoot in Sarasota in part because of local film incentives and utilized Sarasota locations including the John Ringling Causeway, and shot a major scene at the Stonewood Grill and Tavern. A small crew of five worked on the production, with family and friends playing extras and bit parts. The three major parts were cast through a lengthy process involving casting calls in Sarasota and Orlando. Cox was chosen in part because of his local roots, as well as some shared attributes with the character of Jordan, that made him a perfect choice, Morillo said. Both actresses heard about the casting call in Orlando through connections at Full Sail.

Despite a risque title and premise, the movie was made with a broad audience in mind. “Besides one or two swear words, it’s really a PG-13 film at worst,” Morillo said. “There is no sex or nudity, despite the nature of the film.”

Audience reception at CENFLO was positive, Morillo said, and he hopes for solid attendance at Gasparilla, a festival up the road from where the feature was filmed. The movie has been submitted for consideration by the Sarasota Film Festival but Morillo is still waiting for news there. The director hopes to do a solid festival run with the film, and hopes the coming screening is good for all connected with the work. “I’m just glad I’m able to help the actors get exposure,” he said.

The Gasparilla International Film Festival runs from March 24 through March 29.

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