VIDEO: Salt and Light Shines Light on Homelessness

A Sarasota production company seeks to put a face on the homeless epidemic in its newest short film, “Angela’s Story.” Documenting the story of “Angela,” a woman who found herself on the streets after losing a job but is trying now to become a licensed massage therapist, has been offered up to ministries and organizations committed to helping the homeless. Salt and Light Productions, the film arm for the Center for Faith and Freedom, released the video last week.

Stuart Roth, president and CEO of Salt and Light, says the video intends to shine a light on a problem the community doesn’t completely understand.

Angela, the central figure of the short film, has never been addicted to any substances and has constantly taken on small jobs, for a time working as a sign twirler by day while taking night classes each evening. The film explores her life living in the cab of a pickup truck. “You have to live the way I have been living to understand,” she explains, “but not knowing where you are going to sleep one night, not knowing where you are going to take a shower—yeah, it’s been trying.”

The film was shot entirely in Sarasota, but is being shared with organizations all over the country. “On presentations like this, we contact organizations throughout the nation offering them a free license to use this video to educate their community on the relevant issue,” Roth said.

He shared an email from Hillcrest Transitional Housing in St. Joseph, Missouri, where officials said Angela’s story was similar to many of those encountered by that agency. Hillcrest offers programming including food banking, medical assistance, educational and vocational courses and a work uniform closet, among other community support efforts.

Salt and Light has won 37 Telly Awards through the years and senior producer Don Gangnagel has received two Emmy Awards.

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