Local Filmmakers Sound Off in this Month’s Issue of SRQ Magazine

Efforts have been ongoing for years to turn the Sarasota-Bradenton area into a filmmaking hub, with varied success. Institutions like the Sarasota Film Festival leave their mark each year, while expensive blunders like the failed Sanborn Studios project lend a bitter taste to the whole operation. This year, an announcement from Ringling College of Art and Design regarding a new 30,000 square foot professional-grade sound studio and post-production facility reinvigorated the conversation, leading many to ask what exactly the next step entails if Sarasota is to one day be what the burgeoning film community hopes it could be.

Among the many players involved – government institutions such as the Sarasota County Film and Entertainment Office (the Office), community leaders like Mark Troy and the filmmakers themselves – each perspective gives a slightly different picture and the way forward remains uncertain…

Read the full article on SRQ Magazine’s website at http://www.srqmagazine.com/articles/98/Creative-Differences

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