Ringling Animation Grads Up For Oscars

Odds are good that a graduate of the Ringling College of Art and Design will be celebrating a victory during the evening of the 87th Academy Awards. Three of the films nominated for Best Animated Feature leaned heavily of talent that learned the digital animation craft at the Sarasota school.The crew for How To Train Your Dragon 2 already enjoyed a big moment this year with a surprise win at the Golden Globes. The following members of the Dragon team studied at Ringling: Kevin Andrus; Hannah Sherman; Greg Hettinger; Liron Topaz; Adam Dotson; Dane Stogner; Ron Pucherelli; David Torres; Michelle Cowart; Erik Zimmerman; Christian Hatfield; Noah Peterson; Cara Antonelli Khan.

Of course, Disney has a solid track record in animation, inventinfing to full-length animated feature. This year’s Big Hero 6 also boasts more Ringling talent than any other film up for an Oscar this year.  Ringling grads on the crew for Hero were: Robert Showalter; Ryan DeYoung; Matthew Sullivan; Michael Stieber; Brian Scott; Kim Hazel; Katie Reihman; Christopher Hendryx; Jorge Garcia; Kendra; Vander Vliet; Sarah Kambara; Zac Cavaliero; James Finch; Ramya Chidanand; Lindsey St. Pierre; Fernanda Arbaca; Chris Nabholz; Joon Shik Song; Brandon Holmes; Jason Figliozzi.

Also nominated this year, Boxtrolls could be the sleeper threat. If so, the following Ringling alumni will be celebrating: Carolyn Anderson Vale; Gianna Ruggerio; Brett Schroeder; Joon Soo Song; Paolo Cogliati.

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