Corcoran Pursues TV Opportunities at Realscreen Summit

jeanne.d.corcoranNumerous reality shows have been conceived and pitched from personalities in Sarasota County. Now Jeanne Corcoran, director of the Sarasota County Film and Entertainment Office, is in Washington, D.C. at the Realscreen Summit trying to get some power players in the cable world to bring some of these shows to the small screen.

“I’ve been having one-on-one, extraordinary and promising meetings with executives from various networks and cable giants, from Discovery, A&E, The CW, Bravo, and others,” Corcoran says. The hope is one of the meetings will result in camera crews shooting a show in Southwest Florida. That could mean a visit to the region, as has happened before with shows like The Travel Network’s Man v. Food, or to see full seasons of shows set here, as happened with TLC’s Breaking Amish: Brave New World.

“The unscripted and partially scripted industry spends many millions of dollars in locales regularly with their programs, and Sarasota has hosted many of those programs, from HGTV, Discovery, Food Network, A&E, and many others,” boasts Corcoran. “It provides a steady ‘foundational’ level of production activity that generates revenue and drives money into local businesses year-round.  We continue to pursue all manner of film and television and other media, too, of course—from studio and independent feature films to series television, documentaries and numerous other genres—but reality/unscripted has become a staple of every major network and cable outlet as well as dozens and dozens of smaller independent channels as well as webcasting and other omnimedia distribution opportunities.”

The Realscreen Summit has become the biggest event of the year convening producers and executives for shows to discuss future possibilities in the reality genre.

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