New Development, No Arrest: Jeffrey Tambor Comes to Town

Film, stage and television actor Jeffrey Tambor, most notable for his portrayal of the Bluth family patriarch in Arrested Development, recurring roles in franchises such as Hellboy and The Hangover and his latest Golden Globe-nominated turn as Maura Pfefferman in Transparent, will be stopping by the Riverview High School Performing Arts Center on January 28 as part of The Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee’s (JSFM) ongoing “People of the Book” series, highlighting successful Jewish professionals and their stories.

Not the typical actor meet-and-greet, Tambor’s visit will eschew the usual shoptalk and namedrops, with who did what and to whom, opting for a more personal discussion about living in this world – “a common sense talk about what keeps us from getting on with living instead of thinking, evading, rationalizing and endlessly procrastinating,” according to Tambor.

Incorporating stories from his professional life as well as his family life, talking about fatherhood, mental health and growing up Jewish, Tambor mixes seminar with stand-up in a one-man show designed the empathize and inspire.

“It’s not a lecture. My attitude is: This is what humans do. I’m 70 years old and I’ve got a couple of pieces of advice. I talk about my family, my career, the ups and down and what I’ve learned,” said Tambor in a statement. “I’m very lucky. I share a few jokes, a few stories, a few insights, and then we get on with life.”

Tambor will be at the Riverview High School Performing Arts Center on January 28 at 7pm. Seating is reserved. A minimum gift of $36 to JFSM is required.

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