Scott Ciencin, author and film festival promoter, dies (updated)

Scott Ciencin, a New York Times bestselling author, passed away suddenly on Tuesday, Aug. 5, according to the Sarasota Film Festival. Ciencin was best known within the Sarasota film community as the official blogger for the Sarasota Film Festival, but had a long and successful career writing books and working within the Hollywood film system.

Update: Publicists for Ciencin say the author died of a blood clot to the brain. A funeral will be held for Ciencin Friday at The Bridge Church in Bradenton. An account supporting Ciencin’s widow has been set up at YouCaring.

Ciencin, a writer with Simon and Schuster, penned more than 90 books in his life time and was planning to release his first mystery, The Humbug Murders written with Elizabeth Wilson, in 2015. Many of his books were written with wife Denise.

“Scott was a dear friend and supporter of the festival for many years,” said SFF President Mark Famiglio. “I will always be indebted to Scott for his unbridled support of our work since 2009.  The Sarasota Film Festival would have been very different without his insightful wit and scholarly criticism.”

That wit was frequently channeled through written and filmed interviews conducted with filmmakers on behalf of the festival and published at During the festival itself, Ciencin could often be found on the red carpet and in the press lounge conducting interviews in addition to those done by outside media.

His written work also included numerous film adaptations to books and comics, notably the novelization of Jurassic Park II, according to his biography with Harper Collins. He contributed to a number of franchises’ outside works, including stories connected to Silent Hill, Star Wars, Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Godzilla, among others.

7 thoughts on “Scott Ciencin, author and film festival promoter, dies (updated)”

  1. A great talent suddenly lost is a sad reality…remember them and carry that energy forward by supporting the arts!

  2. What a beautiful tribute to Scott. I have worked with Scott’s wife, Denise, for many years and in recent years had the opportunity to work with Scott. What a creative and kind man. I thought some might want to know about a memorial fund that has been set up to honor Scott’s memory and to help Denise with the financial side of this loss.

  3. I was just thinking about why I haven’t read any more books by Scott. I love his books from the Forgotten Realms. He wrote those under Richard Awlinson . I was trying to find out if he was going to write anymore books on the Forgotten Realms when I found out he died a few weeks ago. I am very saddened by finding out he had just died. He was a great author. I will always treasure those books that I have that he wrote. I hope his family has,found peace through this terrible time. May Scott rest in peace in heaven. He will be missed.

  4. Scott was my friend for 30 years, from way back when we were practically “kids” in the showbiz industry. I wrote and sold my first screenplay with Scott as my co-writer in about 1986, and he introduced me to others in film & television. His advice, knowledge and friendship are treasures in my life. Scott helped to change the course of my career life to where it is today. I will be always be grateful to him — and to Denise for giving him such love and joy in his life.

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