Sarasota Filmmakers Invade France; Kickstarter Ho!

Local filmmakers Vincent Dale (writer/director) and Juan Sebastian Baron (cinematographer), known for the recent short film No Real Than You Are, picked up stakes and headed to Paris for their latest project, Paris Love Conspiracy, a love story touching on the themes of mass surveillance, paranoia and the internet age, all through a Parisian prism.

PLC follows the travels of a successful American vlogger who falls for a Parisian camgirl and his subsequent efforts to reach her in a foreign city and culture. Not satisfied with a typical love story, Dale and Baron’s protagonist finds himself mired in conspiracy and caught in the net of digital surveillance, all while battling his own existential demons.

No Real Than You Are, a short film about opiate addiction in Sarasota and southern Florida, screened at this past Sarasota Film Festival with other local films.

“We want to touch on the ideas and experiences that result from extending our lives into the digital realm,” said Dale, wrangling in funding on PLC‘s Kickstarter page. “The film is founded on a collection of new media aesthetics and hopes to accurately represent what it means to be connected in 2014.”

Dale and Baron are already in Paris, location scouting and setting up PLC headquarters, where they will be joined by Sarasota actors Jude Flannelly, who studied Shakespeare at the London Study Center and comedy with Chicago’s Second City, and Audrey Scherer,  reuniting with Dale and Barron after playing the lead in No Real Than You Are.

Other returning members from No Real include producer Van Jazmin and production manager Kat Wilson. Newcomer LA-based artist Clinton VanSciver will score the film, with Julian Gomez heading up production design.

For more information or to lend your support, check out the film’s page on Kickstarter.

With 8 days remaining, Paris Love Conspiracy has received approximately 57% of its target funding.

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