Exclusive: A Word With Rick Derringer at BAMFF

The Bradenton Arts Movieville Film Festival (BAMFF) hosted an honored guest and musical icon for their opening night festivities. Rick Derringer, the Grammy Award-winning producer and performer largely remembered for hits such as “Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo” and the chart-topping “Hang On Sloopy,” attended the party at Powel Crosley Estate with his wife, Jenda Derringer Hall, to receive a Lifetime Achievement award, presented by festival executive producer Susan Short, and to bring a little old school cool to the gathering.

“I just heard a couple weeks ago that [the award] was going to be presented,” Derringer said. “It was a surprise but also pretty cool.”

Tattooed and tuxedoed, Derringer has the air of a man with nothing to prove, because he’s proven it already. In addition to aforementioned lasting classics, Derringer’s work has remained in the public eye and the song “Real American” was even used at the unveiling of President Obama’s birth certificate.

“I hope it isn’t a harbinger of longevity or portend to a quick demise or something like that,” Derringer said of the award laughing. “Because I’m still alive and kicking.”

As for the festival, Derringer said he doesn’t know what to expect, but “I’m open to whatever – just whatever comes.”

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