Bradenton Welcomes Back Sam Woolf at Breakfast Event

Achievements and honors abound for Sam Woolf, who made it into the Top 5 performers of FOX Network’s American Idol. Despite having been voted off of the show last week, the eighteen-year-old singer’s impact cannot be denied. Organized by Realize Bradenton, this morning’s breakfast event honored Woolf’s accomplishments and was attended by friends, family, fans and supporters.

Following opening remarks, Mayor Wayne Poston presented Woolf with the key to the City of Bradenton. Woolf was also presented with a Bradenton Marauders jersey and cap as an official member. In a follow-up question and answer session, he revealed that after touring with American Idol Live from June through August—one stop of which is at Sarasota’s Van Wezel—he plans to put out a record.

Of American Idol, Woolf told the audience that he was very close with his fellow contestants. “We all had the same goal, so we were all really supportive of each other,” he said. “We really connected.” He affirmed that he will continue to watch the show, and although he’s not permitted to vote, he said, “If I could, I’d vote for all of them.” When asked, he also revealed that the biggest takeaway from the show was the experience of performing on stage in front of so many people and on television.

Del Couch of the Del Couch Music Education Foundation also announced at the breakfast that the Foundation has started a Sam Woolf Scholarship fund for the purpose of helping other deserving music students.

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