Corcoran, Film Commissioners to lobby Gov. Scott on film incentives.

Jeanne Corcoran

While the Florida Legislature did not include any money it this year’s budget for film incentives at the state level, film commissioners throughout the state, including Sarasota County Film and Entertainment Office Director Jeanne Corcoran, haven’t stopped fighting for dollars. Corcoran said she is reaching out directly to Gov. Rick Scott’s office and asking him to take some executive action on the matter.

“I have called the governor’s office myself, as I am sure many of my teammates in films Florida have done,” Corcoran said. “I basically implored him to do whatever was possible in the governor’s power using the governor’s access to any available funds to find a way to replenish our film incentives. I said this represents tens of thousands of jobs and billions—not millions but billions—of dollars of revenue to our state and it is crucial that right up until the very last minute.”

Corcoran yesterday was lobbying forces in Tallahassee up until 7pm trying to push for a solution to the matter. This year, any funding already budgeted for incentives will dry up completely, and while local film commissions including the one in Sarasota offer local incentives programs, the ones at the state level are the most high-profile to studios outside of the state and the most important in drawing major projects to shoot in Florida.

“It is devastating to Florida, and competing states are popping champagne corks and throwing confetti to celebrate Florida’s staggering collapse into unconsciousness in this industry,” Corcoran said.

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