Locally Produced Documentary-Making A Killing Makes Its Debut This Thursday

Set to premiere this Thursday at Fogartyville Community Media And Arts Center, Making A Killing: From Bayonet Capitalism To Corporate Plutocracy, is sure to inspire some heated political debate. The documentary focuses on America’s shrouded use of military and espionage to promote and protect private corporate interests around the world and features interviews with various types including John Perkins, author of Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man as well as political figures and writers.

Robert “Bob” Gray is the producer and his production company, Sunburnt Studio, produced the 2005 film, Aftershock: American Voices, a film about the counter demonstrations at the second inauguration of George W. Bush. Of their company Gray says, “We generally have what we like to think of as a socially relevant documentary in the works, although, we do a number of things, we’ve been involved in feature films, commercials we’ve done a series of documentaries on homelessness and other topics like that, so we do a little bit of everything.”

Prior to this project, Sunburnt put out a three-part series on the homelessness issue in Sarasota, and they plan on delving into this topic on a national level next. For now, Gray is anxiously anticipating Thursday’s premier and states, “After spending six years sitting in a dark room, trying to do something, you never really know until you put it out there and get feedback.” He is looking forward to the post-screening discussion and hopes the film “will spawn some conversation.”

The screening is free to the public and as Gray confesses, “It always makes it a bigger turnout if you don’t charge.” So if you’re interested in a good crowd and provoking conversation, head over to Fogartyville this Thursday, April 24th at 7p.m.


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