K.C. Schulberg In Town For Wings, Staying To Film A New Bud Schulberg Story

SchulbergWhen it comes to Hollywood pedigrees, not many filmmakers shooting in this region can compete with K.C. Schulberg. Today, he will be at the Sarasota Film Festival to introduce the screening of Wings, the first film to ever win an Academy Award for Best Picture and which happened to be made by his grandfather B.P. Schulberg. Now, K.C. is in Southwest Florida getting ready to go into production on A Dream Last Night, which is based on a story by his uncle Bud, who also happened to be an Academy Award winner.

The showing of Wings, set to screen at the Regal Hollywood 20 today at noon, is a coup for the Sarasota Film Festival. The historic silent film, shot during the Roaring ’20s in the Golden Age of Hollywood, includes some of the original action sequences and defined the cinematic concept of how synchronized air fights look on film.

Schulberg remembers watching it when he was 12 years old and being delighted at how the film still stood up decades after his release. Today will be the first time he sees the film again since he was a child.

It may also surprise people with how progressive a film it was compared to the standards and practices of just a few years later. The movie even includes a nude scene by star Clara Bow, shot a few years before the Hayes Commission introduced a more sterilized attitude about cinema to the film world.

But it is the planes that will keep more people leaning forward in their seats. The film was the first to shoot planes in the air from the air and expanded the thoughts on what film allowed directors to do compared to past mediums like the stage.

K.C. Schulberg himself, of course, has his own list of film accomplishments. A former executive of the Hallmark Channel, he discussed many of his any adventures in producing and distributing movies at a film mixer at State College of Florida last month.

His project of the moment, A Dream Last Night, will be shot entirely in Southwest Florida. Schulberg has a home in Naples now and is attracted by the Everglades, but said he is very likely to shoot much of the movie in Sarasota County because of the film incentives offered here.

The movie is based on a story by Bud Schulberg, who wrote the Oscar-winning On The Waterfront. Schulberg also is working to draft legendary actor Christopher Plummer to star; Plummer got his first big break in a Schulberg film and the younger Schulberg hopes that holds some weight.

Listen to a full interview with Schulberg at SarasotaTalkRadio.com

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