Theoretical Physics And Magical Realism Collide In The Mind Of Gleb Osatinski

'The House at the Edge of the Galaxy' director Gleb Osatinski
‘The House at the Edge of the Galaxy’ director Gleb Osatinski

Four years ago, with a Masters in Theoretical Physics and a steady career, Gleb Osatinski quit his job and picked up his camera. Though he had never pursued it, Osatinski had always wanted to make films and came to the conclusion that he was done waiting.

“At some point it’s just enough is enough and it’s time to get going,” said Osatinski. “I have a lot of stories to tell.”

Osatinski made his first short film Pisces of an Unconscious Mind, a film about acceptance and loss told through the story of a many dealing with an existential crisis and a Kafka-esque transformation all while hanging from a cliff. It’s an allegorical tale and a personal one too, said Osatinski.

This year, Osatinski has come to the Sarasota Film Festival this year with his award-winning short, The House at the Edge of the Galaxy, another allegorical piece but about imprisonment, escape and inner fortitude. The film centers around an isolated 7 year-old boy trapped in a decaying house and the passing cosmonaut who teaches him how to “plant” a star.

“So far it has been a great festival with an amazing selection,” said Osatinski. “There are filmmakers here from all around the world.”

The House at the Edge of the Galaxy screens Apr. 12 during the Shorts 1: Narrative 1 program at 10:45am.

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