Buzzard Looms Large – A Word With Joel Potrykus – Future Alchemy

Buzzard, the latest film from writer/director Joel Potrykus, is looking to be one of the standouts of the Sarasota Film Festival. A subversive and darkly comic look at the angry world of a mortgage company temp descending into a world of criminality, Potrykus’ film feels like it might be more relevant and aware than he would openly admit.

The filmmaker, who hails from Michigan and is in town for the festival, is at ease and without pretension describing his process and his film. He credits a childhood spent in the library and an adolescence in the movie store as well as a special viewing of Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver for his passion and knack for storytelling. For Potrykus, it seems filmmaking came naturally.

“I just make movies I want to see,” said Potrykus. “And it’s got everything I love.”

Buzzard is Potrykus’ second feature but his first time in the Sarasota Film Festival. He entered the Festival after hearing about it from other filmmakers, who spoke highly of the event.

“It’s got a good reputation within the industry,” said Potrykus. “It feels good. I’m psyched.”

Potrykus, whose film screens Apr. 10 at 8pm and Apr. 12 at 8:30pm, is already writing his next film. While he doesn’t have a title nailed down yet, he hints that it could very well involve both alchemy and demons.


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