Ship of Fools Explores Mystique of Rock’n’Roll

Rock’n’Roll has always been a musical genre built on mystery, a form of art that ironically counts cool points on how few people are listening. So what if a band of 1970s rockers was so cool that 30 years later nobody knew about them at all? Ship of Fools, a short film that premieres at this year’s Sarasota Film Festival, seeks to find out.Mallory Gracenin, an actress in the film, says the entire production was put together by rock fans who love the mystique of rock stars. “We liked the idea of someone suddenly unveiling everything about a band with hidden secrets,” she says. The tale in the film comes out when a rock photographer starts talking about this band of yore to a reporter, who in turns falls in love with the ultimate rock story.

“The story is about the heights you could fly to and from how high you could fall,” explains Rich Dreher, another one of the filmmakers.

The movie was made in New York by a group of area artists who decided to come together and concieve of a short film based on inspiring images each one kept on their hard drives, Gracenin says. The result was Ship of Fools.

The band of artists came out for the Opening Night festivities for the Sarasota Film Festival anxious to see audience reactions to the film.

Ship of Fools, part of the Shorts 4: Narrative program, will screen Tuesday, April 8, at 2pm.

Natasha Soto-Albors, Rich Dreher, Maggie Fine, Mallory Gracenin and Rotimi Paul of Ship of Fools.

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