Maestra director Catherine Murphy stepped out last night to celebrate

As part of SFF’s Through Women’s Eyesseries, Maestra, a documentary directed by Catherine Murphy, celebrates the women who championed the Cuban Literacy Campaign of 1961. Here to debut the film is Murphy and Dr. Norma Guillard, who was one of the nine women featured in the documentary. Guillard, along with 250,000 volunteers who, in Just one year, taught 700,000 people to read and write. What makes these statistics even more outstanding is that 100,000 of those volunteers were girls under the age of 18, as was Guillard’s case. Murphy says of her film, “This is not just a story about literacy. This is a story about hopes and dreams. It is About youth empowerment and women’s empowerment and what is possible.”

Both are welcomed guest at the UN Women’s event, Through Women’s Eyes 15th Anniversary Reception which starts at 5:30pm today. Come mingle with this year’s impressive lot of female filmmakers today at the Well’s Fargo Lobby on Mainstreet.

Single tickets are $85 or $160 for a pair. Complimentary nibbles and sips provided.

Check out Maestra this Sunday, April 6th, at 10am at Regal Hollywood 20 in theater 10.

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