Lies I Told My Little Sister: Heavy Subject Matter With A Light Touch

It’s hard to think that a death in the family could ever be an occasion for laughter, but screenwriter Judy White does her best in the new dramatic comedy Lies I Told My Little Sister. Following the death of the oldest of three sisters, the remaining two and the rest of the family embark on a Cape Cod vacation in an attempt to deal with the tragedy. Directed by William J. Stribling, the film, which won “Best of the Fest” at Gasparilla last January, is an exploration of family, loss, growing up and coming together.

It is the first screenplay from author Judy White and her first piece of fiction. Although usually firmly in the non-fiction side of writing, White always had an appreciation for humor and tried to weave that into her writing. Despite the subject matter, White couldn’t help but find the humorous beats in her new tale.

“Because life is funny,” said White. “Even after a tragedy, there are still those moments.”

Stribling says he was eager to join the project immediately upon finishing the script, and was on-location the day after his graduation from film school. The film took just over a year, with Stribling citing the devotion and camaraderie of the cast and crew for bringing everything together so quickly.

As part of the Through Women’s Eyes film series, the film sports a largely female cast, including Lucy Walters as the young lead and Ellen Foley’s return to the silver screen with her first feature film in 20 years. However, White believes that although the film is female-character driven, the messages are universal.

“I never had a concern that it was about three sisters – the female aspect was never a concern,” said Stribling. “I just wanted to capture these characters and the story as best I could.”

Lies I Told My Sister screens Apr. 5 at 7:45pm in Theater 7 and Apr. 8 at 12:39pm in Theater 11.


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