Insanity, the SAT and a Bunch of Blonde Wigs – Meet The Greggs


The Greggs is the new “ficto-documentary” short about the world of standardized tests with a hint of surrealism. From a whopping seven co-directors – Bruce Bundy, Nigel DeFriez, Jessie Levandov, Rob Malone, Alex Mechanik, Kira Pearson and Jonathan Rosenblit – The Greggs postulates an insane genesis of the SAT from four wig-wearing, turtleneck-sporting Greggs.

“A bunch of us were working part-time for SAT prep courses in New York,” said DeFriez. “And we were all asking ‘Who writes these tests? Where do these questions come from?'”

True to form for the creators of a subversive “ficto-documentary”, the filmmakers were cagey about details and separating fact from fiction was difficult, although always in a playful way. Though we can be relatively certain there is no telepathic oil painting named Gregg, is it true that when the filmmakers called SAT headquarters nearly everyone there was actually named Greg? Who is the “fictitious” producer Mark Sharfman? Is that even how it’s spelled?

One thing was clear – the group is a collaborative machine with a true passion for comedy and a knack for the absurd. In between egg cartons and repeated ‘firings’ (“Everyone was fired at least once by everyone else,” Bundy said laughing. “Something happens and it’s just ‘You’re fired!'”) a film emerges that is both insane and insanely intriguing.

The Greggs screens Apr. 5 during the Shorts 8: Midnight program of the Sarasota Film Festival which starts at 9:45pm in Theater 10.

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