Bradenton’s Kevin Clark-Ryan brings Old Monster to hometown festival

When Kevin Clark-Ryan first read Beowulf in school, it was fascinating to him that a villain like Grendel could serve as a main character in a major tale. When he made the short film Old Monster, he decided to bring that story to life. Clark-Ryan, along with producer/girlfriend Jessica Lewis, are now in town at the Sarasota Film Festival ready to unleash the new tale upon the world.The filmmaking team, who now live in Lewis’ hometown of New York City, had their 22-minute film accepted as part of the Shorts 10: Florida Filmmaker program in Sarasota this year. The story follows a main character who had a rough childhood and grew up a monster, but now must reconcile with the responsibility of his own actions.

“At some point you can’t fall back on things anymore,” Clark-Ryan says. “You can’t say I was raised this way.”

Amazingly, the filmmakers were able to cast Oscar nominee Sylvia Miles (Midnight Cowboy) in a key role.

The pair’s next project will likely be about a boy who is raised to adult before his parents reveal to him he is actually a robot, a story they want to tell to comic effect. For now, they are preparing for the upcoming  screening.

Old Monster is part of the Shorts 10: Florida Filmmaker program that screems Monday, April 7, at 1:15 at the Hollywood 20.

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