DreamWorks recruiters offer job insight to Ringling hopefuls

A job at a major animation studio is literally dream work for the computer animation majors at the Ringling College of Art and Design. DreamWorks Animation recruiters on campus Thursday offered some hints to students preparing applications and reels in the pursuit of internships or full-time jobs.

Dreamworks university outreach director Tiffany Feeney held a public presentation at the Ringling campus where she showed off the reels of college graduates who were hired into entry level positions at Dreamworks, including a short film by 2010 Ringling graduate Brendan Carroll.

“We’re visiting this year to identify and source for future hires in addition to meeting underclassmen and getting you on our radar for future opportunities in our studio,” Feeney said.

Attendees were not allowed to record much of the confidential information about company structures and production timelines, Feeney stressed the importance of putting together a strong reel, once which started out with the strongest material in the first minute and which never meandered into mediocre content.

After the presentation was complete, Feeney took questions from job hopefuls in the audience. Several students said the information gleaned in the session should be useful.

“This was a wake-up call on what I needed to do,” said Illustration major Isabelle Austin. She graduates in May and has applied to every major animation studio. The DreamWorks presentation, she said, showed ways to improve her art portfolio, which has been heavy on character drawings but which, based on the presentation, needs a better balance of props and environments.

For Justin Tirado, a computer animation major, the presentation was useful for professional reasons. He has attended a numenbr of recruitment presentations at Ringling College (Universal Studios was here last week and Sony was in town on Tuesday), and he said many have focused on the artistic demands of the job, not necessarily advise on job hunting. “This was more about how to approach the company,” he said. “Being about to graduate and already in the prcess of applying, that was beneficial to me.”

Feeney also did plenty to sell DreamWorks as a great place to work. With two studios in California and one in India, the state-of-the-art facilities were shown as exciting environments with lots of perks, including free lunches and a company gym and pool.

The DreamWorks presentation is one of numerous presentations taking place this month at Ringling College, with such companies as Disney, EA Games and General Motors sending recruiters later in April.

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