Mickey Sumner’s Mend added to SFF lineup

The Sarasota Film Festival just announced that Mickey Sumner’s The Mend had been added to the 2014 line-up. Well, it’s a little unusual to call it “Mickey Sumner’s” film, since the feature was directed and written by John Margary, but we suspect SFF officials have their reasons for calling it that. After all, Sumner has been a friend of the festival the last couple years, coming to Sarasota in 2012 with Missed Connections and in 2013 with the Closing Night film Frances HaLast year, the festival showed her a lot of love with a Breakthrough Performance award at the Tribute Luncheon for her work on Ha. Sumner did make an appearance at South by Southwest with this film, and the press release announcing the addition to Mend did make a deal of her previous Sarasota appearances.

The film screens on Tuesday, April 8, at 7:30pm.

Sumner at the Sarasota Yacht Club.

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