Triforce Pictures Production Company Moves To Sarasota

The veteran LA production company Triforce Pictures has picked up stakes and moved their home office right here in Sarasota. Helmed by filmmaking duo Shaun Greenspan (pictured) and Edward James Fagan, both classically trained and experienced writers, directors and producers, Triforce is already intimately involved with the Sarasota Film Festival and has grand plans for the future of filmmaking in Sarasota.

Established in 2005 under the parent company Jargon Entertainment Inc., with which they still partner for various projects, Triforce has produced and directed swaths of big-name commercials, music videos and playback sequences for major Hollywood productions, including pivotal scenes for ABC’s 2009 sci-fi/drama Flash Forward. More recently, Triforce produced content for the Fox comedy, The Mindy Project, right here on Lido Key.

Though Triforce is a major presence at this year’s Sarasota Film Festival, taking charge of all social media and video advertising as well as submitting their own Santa-starring short, Belief, feature filmmaking and TV lie at the heart of their aspirations, and both Greenspan and Fagan see in Sarasota an amazing untapped potential. Whether it be the sheer amount of talent coming out of local schools (“They’re learning stuff in Booker that I didn’t learn till I got to college,” said Fagan) or the distinctive locales, the men behind Triforce Pictures see a future for film in Sarasota and want to be part of it.

“The infrastructure – here as far as crew – is growing, and the filmmakers are just getting better, in my opinion,” said Greenspan. “And we have great actors here, like from Asolo or FST or FST Improv. The next step is facilities, which is part of why we’re here.”

Key to their mission is creating an environment for filmmakers throughout the year; a community that supports and expects quality filmmaking to occur regardless of a festival.

“The festival is getting bigger and bigger but it quiets down after,” said Fagan. “We want to keep that ball rolling year-round.”

“We want to turn Sarasota into the Silicon Valley of Art,” added Greenspan. “This is just the beginning of the Triforce Empire.”


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